“Empowering youths to lead socially adjusted and productive lives by offering arts enrichment, life skills training emphasizing leadership, diversity and career planning”

Circular Flow Youth & Arts is working hard in the community to strengthen the character and talents of the youth while learning and having fun. Active since 1996, Circular Flow Youth & Arts is the youth branch of R. Mitchell Youth & Community Services Inc., a community-based 501c (3) non profit organization serving grades 4 - 12.

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As a Non-Profit 501 c (3) organization, we rely heavily on contributions to keep ourselves afloat. Please consider making a donation today to help Circular Flow help the youths of Detroit and its surrounding metropolitan.

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People like you are what make Circular Flow what it is. Without the support of the community we would not be able to provide services to metro Detroit’s youth. Won’t you join us and help improve Metro Detroit?

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