How to Get Involved

Students and or parent/guardians interested in participating in Circular Flow as a student (youths) or mentor/facilitator (adults), please view the following opportunities below.

  1. Youth Opportunities

    1. Parent/guardians can sign their child up for our
      1. After school program
      2. One to one mentoring sessions
      3. Hip Hop workshops

    by filling out the application in (Applications ) & emailing it to

  2. Adult Opportunities

    1. Volunteer openings: Please refer to, or write for more information about openings. Please apply for the following positions listed below.
      1. Facilitators
        1. Arts- Poetry, Screen Writing, Product Design, Fashion, Photography, Drama, Dance, Visual Artist, Music Production, Culinary Artist, Other.
        2. Life Skills-Leadership, Economic Empowerment-(Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Career Choices, etc.), Diversity, Other.
      2. Grant Writer
      3. Marketing Director
      4. Arts Production Specialist
      5. Collaboration opportunities for businesses, agencies and organizations that focus on Life Skills-Diversity, Leadership, Economic Empowerment-Entrepreneurship/Financial Literacy/Career planning